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Double-sided sticky wall pad, saving time and effort in decoration and beautiful

Time:2023-04-27 14:23:25   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:26200   source:YIFULI

Furnishing a room is a tedious job that requires a lot of time and effort. And one of the most frustrating parts of the process is gluing items to the wall without damaging the look of the wall. Double-sided sticky wall pads are designed to solve this problem.

Double-sided adhesive wall mats are usually made of two layers of film sandwiching a layer of high-strength adhesive. Typically acrylic or rubber, these adhesives have extremely high block and shear strength and are capable of withstanding the weight of heavyweight items. These pads also keep items from shaking when moving or vibrating.

Compared with traditional nails or screws, the double-sided sticky wall pad requires no tools, just stick it on the desired position. They will not leave any holes or damage the surface of the wall, making the entire installation process easier and faster.

These mats are great for home decoration, such as picture frames, paintings, wall clocks, etc. They can also be used in offices and commercial places. Thanks to their flexible size and shape, they can be adapted to a variety of different objects and surfaces.

Double-sided sticky wall mats are a very convenient and practical solution to make your renovation process easier and keep your walls looking great.