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The correct use method and skill of sealing tape

Time:2023-04-22 14:14:36   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:26800   source:YIFULI

Sealing tape is an indispensable material in our daily packaging and transportation, but it also requires some skills to use it correctly. In this article, we will introduce the proper usage and tips of packing tape to better protect your package.

1. First, the correct use of sealing tape

Choose the right packing tape. Choose the appropriate sealing tape according to your required viscosity, length, width and other parameters. At the same time, if you want to customize or brand the package, you can also choose the tape with printed words.

Preparation. Before you start using box sealing tape, you need to prepare the packing material, place the item inside the box and secure it so that it will not move or get damaged.

Start using box sealing tape. Apply packing tape to both sides of the box, leaving enough length to cover the joint. Gently press the sealing tape with your fingers, and stretch it downwards from one corner to the other to make the tape stick to the surface of the box. Repeat this step until all splices are attached.

Final check. Check whether the sealing tape is firm to prevent problems during transportation or packaging.

2. Second, the correct use of sealing tape skills

When using sealing tape, you need to pay attention to the tension of the tape. Too strong or too loose tension will affect the sealing effect, so proper tension should be maintained to ensure the safety of the package.

In order to better protect the package, you can choose to use anti-counterfeiting sealing tape. The surface of this tape is printed with special words or patterns, and once it is torn or opened, it will leave marks on the tape to indicate whether there is an illegal opening of the package.

Apply some furniture wax to the bottom of the packing tape before applying it to the parcel box, this will make the tape easier to tear and keep the tape from sticking to your hands.

Proper use of sealing tape is an important measure to ensure the safety and integrity of packages. After choosing a suitable sealing tape, you need to pay attention to the tension, choose anti-counterfeiting tape and other skills. At the same time, applying furniture wax before sticking the tape can also play a very good role.