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Duct Tape

Duct tape for floor refinishing

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about this product

Application introduction of cloth tape:

1. Household: Carpet tape is suitable for fixing carpets or mats, preventing the carpet from sliding and shifting, and ensuring people's safety.

2. Commercial: In exhibitions, performances or other large-scale event venues, carpet tape can be used to fix carpets and floor mats to ensure the safety of visitors and reduce the risk of compensation.

3. Industry: Carpet tape can also be used to protect the ground, such as in construction sites and decoration, to prevent the ground from being scratched or damaged.

4. Medical care: Medical institutions can also use carpet tape to fix carpets and floor mats to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff.

Features of cloth base tape:

1. Anti-slip: One of the main features of carpet tape is its anti-slip performance, which can fix carpets and floor mats, prevent them from sliding and shifting, and ensure people's safety.

2. Strong stickiness: The adhesive of carpet tape has strong stickiness, which can firmly fix carpets and floor mats, and will not loosen even in high-traffic areas.

3. Easy to tear: Carpet tape is usually easy to tear, which is convenient for installation and removal without the use of tools or cutters.

4. Traceless removal: Some carpet tapes have the feature of non-trace removal, which can be easily removed without leaving residue.

5. Durable: Carpet tape is usually made of durable materials that can last for a long time without losing its stickiness or breaking.