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Foam Tape

Foam tape for automotive interior decoration

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about this product

Foam tape application introduction:

1. Electronic products: Foam tape can be used to protect the internal parts and components of electronic products to prevent vibration and friction damage.

2. Instruments and equipment: Foam tape can be used to protect sensitive parts and interfaces of instruments and equipment, and can also reduce vibration and noise between equipment.

3. Auto parts: Foam tape can be used for pasting accessories inside the car, such as CD players, central control screens, etc., and can also relieve vibration and reduce noise.

4. Packaging: Foam tape can be used to package fragile items, such as glass products, ceramic products, etc., to effectively protect items from friction and vibration damage.

5. Furniture: Foam tape can be used to fix furniture accessories, such as table and chair leg gaskets, door handles, etc., which can reduce friction and wear between furniture and the ground.

Features of foam tape:

1. Anti-shock and anti-fall: The foam layer of the foam tape can act as a buffer, which can reduce the damage of items due to vibration and falling.

2. Good stickiness: The foam tape has strong stickiness, which can stick objects firmly and is not easy to fall off.

3. Environmental protection: The material of the foam tape is environmentally friendly, will not pollute the environment, and is harmless to the human body.

4. Can be cut: the foam tape can be cut according to actual needs, which is convenient to use.

5. Diversity: Foam tape has a variety of options in different colors, sizes and shapes to meet different needs.