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Kraft Paper Adhesive Tape

Kraft Paper Tape for Crafts

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about this product

Features of kraft paper tape:

1. Wear resistance: due to the high toughness and strength of kraft paper, the wear resistance of kraft paper tape is better than that of ordinary tape;

2. Strong viscosity: The glue of kraft paper tape is usually natural rubber or hot melt adhesive, which has strong viscosity and can firmly bond objects;

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: kraft paper tape is usually treated with waterproof and moisture-proof during the manufacturing process, so it has certain waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

Kraft paper tape application introduction:

1. Packaging industry: kraft paper tape is suitable for sealing and fixing various packaging boxes, cartons, paper bags and other packaging items, such as food packaging, wine packaging, gift packaging, etc.

2. Logistics industry: kraft paper tape can be used for the packaging and fixing of goods in the logistics industry, such as the sealing and fixing of express parcels.

3. Printing industry: kraft paper tape can be used for fixing and positioning in the process of printing, plate making and color separation in the printing industry, such as fixing printing plates and paper in the production of printed matter.

4. Home decoration industry: kraft paper tape can be used in the fields of home decoration and furniture manufacturing such as wall decoration, picture frame fixing, and furniture splicing.

5. DIY handcraft industry: kraft paper tape can be used for decoration and positioning in DIY handcraft, such as handmade greeting cards, photo albums, handmade boxes, etc.