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Low Noise Tape

Silent Printing Custom Tape for Corporate Promotion

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about this product

Application introduction of low noise tape:

1. Packaging field: Since the use of low-noise tape can reduce the noise generated during the packaging process, it is suitable for occasions that need to work in a quiet environment, such as in medical and office environments.

2. Logistics field: In logistics and storage places, the use of low-noise tape can reduce noise pollution, thereby reducing interference to staff.

3. Electronics industry: Low-noise tapes are widely used in the electronics industry. For example, during the packaging and transportation of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, the use of low-noise tapes can reduce the interference of noise on products.

Features of Low Noise Tape:

1. Low noise: Compared with traditional adhesive tape, the sound of low-noise adhesive tape is softer, and the noise generated during use is smaller, thereby reducing the disturbance to personnel during use.

2. Environmental protection: low-noise tapes are generally produced with environmentally friendly materials and will not pollute the environment.

3. Good stickiness: the stickiness of low noise tape is better than that of ordinary tape, and the service life is longer, which can better protect items.

4. Easy to tear: The low-noise tape is easier to tear when used, and will not break, etc., and it is more convenient and quick to use.

5. Multi-function: Low-noise tape can be used for packaging of various items, such as gifts, books, documents, etc., and can also be used in some special fields, such as artwork packaging.