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Low Noise Tape

Silent tear-off film tape for ESD anti-static

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about this product

Application introduction of anti-static tear film tape:

1. Electronic equipment manufacturing: Anti-static tear-off tape is widely used in the manufacturing process of electronic equipment, such as the placement and maintenance of integrated circuits and electronic components.

2. Manufacturing of precision instruments: Since the anti-static tear-off tape can effectively prevent electrostatic interference, it is also widely used in the manufacturing process of precision instruments.

3. Medical equipment manufacturing: In the process of medical equipment manufacturing, anti-static tear film tape can effectively prevent the influence of electrostatic interference on the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

4. 3C product maintenance: Anti-static tear film tape can also be used for the maintenance of 3C products, such as mobile phones and computers.

Features of anti-static tear film tape:

1. Anti-static: Anti-static tear-off tape has good anti-static performance, which can effectively prevent static interference and damage to sensitive devices.

2. Tear performance: This product is made of high-quality materials, has good tear performance, and is not easy to tear during use.

3. Good viscosity: The anti-static tear film tape has good viscosity, can be firmly pasted on various surfaces, and is not easy to fall off.

4. Long-term durability: the product has good durability and can maintain a good use effect for a long time.