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Masking Tape

UV Resistant Washi Pattern Tape

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about this product

Application introduction of masking tape:

1. Gift packaging: masking tape is a good choice for gift packaging because of its beautiful patterns and rich colors.

2. Handmade: Masking tape can be used to make cards, notes, photo albums, etc. by hand, adding a beautiful effect to the work.

3. Diary decoration: Use masking tape to decorate the diary or handbook, which can increase the visual effect and make the notes more interesting.

4. Home decoration: Masking tape can be used for home decoration, such as decorating walls, desktops, windows, etc., adding an artistic atmosphere to the home.

5. Make DIY small objects: Masking tape can be used to make DIY small objects, such as pen holders, vases, accessories, etc.

Features of masking tape:

1. Beautiful patterns: masking tape has various patterns, which can be used to increase the decorative effect.

2. Easy to tear: The masking tape has good tearability and can be cut as needed.

3. Moderate viscosity: The masking tape has moderate viscosity, it is not easy to damage the adhered items, and it will not make the tape too loose.

4. The material is environmentally friendly: the masking tape is made of environmentally friendly materials, and will not pollute the environment during use.

5. Easy to tear off and reuse: Masking tape can be easily torn off and used repeatedly, saving resources and very convenient.