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Elevator Industry Solutions

Elevator Industry Viscose Application Solutions

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The development of the elevator industry is closely related to the development of the national economy and the real estate market. After the reform and opening up, the productivity of elevators in China has increased by a hundred times, and the supply has also increased by fifty times.

According to data reports, China produced and sold about 600,000 elevators in 2016, with a scale of 238.662 billion yuan, accounting for two-thirds of the world's production and sales, and continues to lead the world's developed European and American production countries. At present, there are nearly 450 elevator companies in the country.

In the elevator industry, tapes are used everywhere, and elevators have high requirements for safety. Therefore, the performance requirements for elevator tapes are also very strict. Elevator tapes must have high adhesion, temperature resistance and weather resistance.

Yifuli's special tape for elevators is used in the bonding of elevator reinforcement ribs, mirror fixing, elevator decorative panel fixing, fixing decorative parts and components, ground bonding solutions, etc.



▶   product characteristics: 

1. Excellent sealing performance, avoiding gas release and atomization;

2. Excellent resistance to compression deformation, that is, the elasticity is durable, which can ensure long-term shockproof protection for accessories;

3. Does not contain harmful and toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute equipment, and is not corrosive to metals;

4. The surface is wettable, easy to bond, easy to make, and easy to punch;

5. Long-lasting adhesion, large peeling, strong initial adhesion, good weather resistance! Waterproof, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, good compliance on curved surfaces.

▶   Product Usage:




▶   product characteristics: 

1. High strength, easy to operate;

2. Durability and good temperature resistance;

3. The surface is wettable, easy to bond, and has good adhesion to plastic, rubber, and rough surfaces;

4. Good holding force and good stability at high temperature.

▶   Product Usage: 


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