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How to choose the most suitable high temperature tape for your needs

Time:2023-04-25 17:53:32   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:29700   source:YIFULI

In commercial and industrial fields, high-temperature tapes are widely used to join materials, protect surfaces, insulate wires, and more. Different types of high temperature tapes have different properties and uses. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate high temperature tape. Here are some suggestions for choosing the best high temperature tape for your needs.

1. Determine the adhesive material

When selecting a high temperature tape, first consider the type of material that needs to be bonded. For example, if you need to bond oil-based or solvent-containing materials, you will need to use polyester high-temperature tape. As for silicone high temperature tape, it is usually used to bond materials such as metal, glass and ceramics.

2. Consider heat resistance temperature

High-temperature tapes can generally withstand varying degrees of heat-resistant temperatures. Therefore, when choosing a high-temperature tape, it should be selected according to the temperature in the environment. For example, in aircraft engines, Viton high-temperature tapes that can withstand temperatures in excess of 1500°F are required. In the field of automobile manufacturing, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) high-temperature tape usually meets the demand.

3. Consider adhesive strength and durability

When choosing a high temperature tape, its bond strength and durability should also be considered. For example, where high-pressure and high-temperature operations are required, silicone high-temperature tapes with high bond strength and durability are required. Likewise, for materials that require long-term exposure to high-temperature environments, high-temperature tapes that maintain adhesion and have a long life need to be selected.

4. Understand the special requirements

Some special applications require special high temperature tapes. For example, in aerospace, high temperature tapes that meet NADCAP (National Aeronautics and Defense Accreditation Program) requirements are required. In the food processing industry, it is necessary to use high-temperature tapes that meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards.

Choosing the best high-temperature tape for your needs requires consideration of various factors, such as bonding material, heat-resistant temperature, bond strength, and durability. By understanding your specific needs and selecting the appropriate type of high temperature tape based on these factors, you can ensure its adhesion and longevity to meet specific application requirements.