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PET Protective Film

PET protective film for medical device surface protection film

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about this product

Features of PET protective film:

1. High transparency: PET protective film has very high transparency, which can maintain the original color and luster of the product without affecting the display effect of the screen.

2. Durability: PET protective film has high strength and durability, which can effectively prolong the service life of the product and reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement.

3. Anti-scratch: The surface of the PET protective film is covered with a special hardness coating, which can effectively resist scratches and scratches, and protect the product surface from damage.

4. Simple installation: The installation of PET protective film is simple and convenient, and you can install it at home by yourself without professional skills.

Practical introduction of PET protective film:

1. Protect products: PET protective film can protect various electronic products, furniture and other items, and prevent products from being damaged by the external environment.

2. Beautify products: The colors and patterns of PET protective films are rich and varied, which can be selected according to personal preferences and needs, making electronic products, furniture and other items more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Eye protection: PET protective film can effectively filter ultraviolet rays and blue light, protect human eye health, reduce eye fatigue and visual damage.