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Masking tape, make your account more vivid and interesting

Time:2023-04-24 15:35:07   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:26800   source:YIFULI

Masking tape, make your account more vivid and interesting

As a way of recording life and planning the future, handbook has gradually become a daily habit of many people. And in the notebook, masking tape can make your notebook more lively and interesting.

Using masking tape can make your notebook more beautiful. Masking tape usually comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which can make your notebook more colorful. According to the theme and content of each page, you can choose the appropriate masking tape for decoration, enhance the visual effect of the notebook and make it more beautiful.

Masking tape can also make your notebook more layered. I believe everyone knows that a handbook usually includes different sections such as a calendar, countdown, and to-do list. Using masking tape can not only distinguish different sections, but also improve the recognition between sections, making your handbook more clear and easy to read.

Masking tape can also personalize your journal. Ledgers are a very personal way of recording, and as such should reflect personal tastes and preferences. Use masking tape to personalize your journal and show off your creativity and style. You can choose different masking tapes for DIY according to your preferences to create a unique effect of the notebook.

Masking tape is a very practical and versatile material. In the production of notebooks, it can make the notebook more beautiful and layered, and it can also show your personality and creativity. If you also want to make the notebook more lively and interesting, then try using masking tape!