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How to choose high-quality packing tape

Time:2023-04-19 11:24:28   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:23100   source:YIFULI

When purchasing packing tape, it is important to choose a high-quality product. Inspections can be carried out in various aspects such as smell, color, tensile strength, adhesive strength, thickness, and length. Choosing high-quality tape ensures good adhesion, strong durability, and avoids situations such as tape breakage during use. It is also important to choose tape with high purity and low impurities.


Check if there is a strong acidic odor in the packing tape. If so, it is made of low-quality adhesive.


Check if the tape is yellow. Poor quality BOPP material is yellow, while light yellow or slightly white tape indicates low impurities and high purity, and thus better toughness.

3.Tensile Strength

Pull out a section of tape and see if it can withstand strong pulling.

4.Adhesive Strength

The adhesive strength can be tested manually. Stick a roll of tape onto a cardboard box and then peel it off. If the paper and tape are torn off together, the tape is adhesive enough. Note that tape adhesion should not be tested with bare hands, but rather on the cardboard box.


The thickness of tape on the market generally ranges from 40u-60u (the thickness of the adhesive on the BOPP film), with prices varying greatly. 60u tape is very thick, but with the same thickness, it is shorter in length. 40u tape is longer, but very thin and easy to break. Tape produced by Juyoung Tape has a 52u film thickness, which can achieve optimal length and toughness.

6.Length and Width of the Tape Roll

Because the length of the tape is difficult to measure, many tapes on the market have reported false lengths. Even tapes with the same thickness can have different lengths due to factors such as the thickness and size of the paper tube and the tightness of the winding. Therefore, the durability of the tape can only be felt after actual use.