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Why does packing tape become non-sticky

Time:2023-04-19 11:18:45   Writer:Mr.Zhang   page views:21700   source:YIFULI

We can see or use packing tape everywhere in our daily lives. Some businesses buy large quantities of packing tape, but after a period of time, the tape becomes less and less sticky. Why is this happening?

The problem lies in the adhesive of the tape. The tape may feel sticky when touched by hand, indicating good initial adhesion, but the tape may come off easily after being applied, indicating poor holding power. Initial adhesion and holding power are inversely proportional. In other words, packing tape that feels very sticky when touched by hand may have poor holding power.

Generally, a higher solid content in the adhesive results in better adhesion. The commonly used solid content is around 50, but if you want better adhesion, you should use a solid content of 52. However, the price may be around 200 yuan per ton more expensive. The thickness of the adhesive also plays a role. The typical thickness of the adhesive is around 20-22, and the thinner the adhesive, the worse the adhesion, but thicker adhesive does not necessarily mean better adhesion. The drying temperature should be determined by actual operation, and it is also related to the speed of the machine.

Generally, packing tape is made of OPP film coated with water-based adhesive, which has poor initial adhesion and holding power. Its biggest feature is its cheap price. It is recommended not to pull the tape too tightly during use because the film will be stretched, and when the adhesive is not sticky enough, it will bounce back. In addition, you can use the back of scissors or a utility knife to scrape and press the sealing area after sealing the box, making the tape adhere more firmly to the paper and preventing it from coming apart easily.

In winter, due to the low temperature, the adhesive may have lower viscosity, and you can switch to oil-based adhesive, thicken the adhesive layer, or place the tape in a warm room.

Why does packing tape become non-sticky?

1.Improper storage environment: Packing tape should be kept in a dry, ventilated, and sunless environment. If stored in a damp or too cold environment, the adhesive may deteriorate, affecting its stickiness.

2.Adhesive aging: If packing tape is not used for a long time, the adhesive may age and lose its stickiness, affecting its use.

3.Surface impurities: If there are impurities such as dust or oil stains on the surface of the cardboard box, the area where the packing tape sticks may be affected, thereby affecting its stickiness.

4.Uneven adhesive coverage: In the production process, if the adhesive is not evenly coated or the thickness is insufficient, it will cause the packing tape to have insufficient adhesion.

5.Exceeding the shelf life: Packing tape has a shelf life. If it exceeds the shelf life, it may cause the adhesive to age and lose its stickiness.